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Bar Council Diaries for year 2019 avalible at Rs. 400/- -

Bar Information:-


Bar Name
Contact No
AbbottabadAbbottabadnilnilDistrict Courts Abbottabad
B.D ShahKaraknilnilc/o tehsil courts B.D Shah district Karak
BalakotMansehranilnilC/o Tehsil Courts Balakot, District Mansehra
BannuBannunilnilc/o district courts Bannu
BatagrambatagramnilnilC/o Disrict Courts Batagram
BatkhelaMalakandnilnilCourts Batkhela, District Malakanad
BooniChitralnilnilTehsil Courts Booni, District Chitral
BunerBunernilnilc/o district court Buner at daggar
ChakdaraDir LowernilnilSubdivisional Court Chakdara, Dir Lower
CharsaddaCharsaddanilnilc/o district court Charsadda
ChitralChitralnilnilDistrict Courts Chitral
D.I. KhanD.I. Khannilnilc.o District Courts D.I Khan
DargaiMalakandnilnilTehsil Court Dargai, Malakand
Dir UpperDir UppernilnilDistrict Courts Dir Upper
DroshChitralnilnilTehsil Courts Drosh, District Chitral
GhaziHaripurnilnilC/o Tehsil Courts Ghazi, District Haripur
HanguHangunilnilC/O District Courts Hangu
HaripurHaripurnilnilc/o District Court Haripur
HavelianAbbottabadnilnilC/O Tehsil Court Havelian, District Abbottabad
KabalSwatnilnilC/O Tehsil Courts Kabal, District Swat.
KarakKaraknilnilc/o district courts Karak
KhwazakhelaSwatnilnilC/O Tehsil Courts KhwazaKhela, District Swat
KohatKohatnilnilc/o District Courts Kohat
LahorSwabinilnilc/o Tehsil Courts Lahor, District Swabi
Lakki MarwatLakki Marwat----District Courts Lakki Marwat
MansehraMansehranilnilc/o District Court Mansehra
MardanMardannilnilDistrict Courts Mardan
MattaSwatnilnilC/O Tehsil Courts Matta, District Swat
NowsheraNowsheranilnilc/o District Courts Nowshera
OghiMansehranilnilTehsil Court Oghi, District Mansehra
PeshawarPeshawarnilnilC/O District Courts Peshawar
PuranShanglanilnilc/o Tehsil Courts Puran, District Shangla
Samar BaghDir LowernilnilTehsil Court Samar Bagh, Dir Lower
ShabqadarCharsaddaNilnilTehsil Courts Shabqadar, District Charsadda
ShanglaShanglanilnilc/o District Court Shangla
SwabiSwabinilnilC/o District Courts Swabi
SwatswatnilnilC/O District Court Mingora, Swat
Takht BhaiMardannilnilTehsil Courts Takht Bhai, District Mardan
Takht-e-NasratiKaraknilniltehsil courts takht-e-nasrati district Karak
TangiCharsaddanilnilc/o Tehsil Court Tangi, District Charsadda
TankTank----c/o District Courts Tank
ThallHangunilnilTehsil courts Thall District Courts Hangu
TimergaraDir LowernilnilDistrict Court Timergara, Dir Lower
WariDir UppernilnilTehsil Courts Wari, Dir Upper


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